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I was born in Ukraine in 1972. I have been working as a jeweler since 1993. I lived and worked in Israel for 20 years. For the last two years most of the time I have been staying in the Czech Republic.

I always wanted to go beyond the usual forms and expand their borders, or at least make them more blurry.

It is pretty difficult to define the style of my jewelry work. My jewelry items are spontaneous solutions, the main features of which are a combination of asymmetries and colors or attempts to organically combine incompatible. Basically everything is like in life that always offers us the most unexpected combinations and unpredictable development of initial circumstances. I like to be in the cycle of phenomena and leave sketches of what I have seen in the form of jewelry.

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Important Notice

The main part of the products is oxidized. That is, it is coated with black oxide. Also in places, a 24 karat gilding layer is applied to the products. Over time, the coatings may wear off, but if desired, it is not difficult to apply them again in the nearest jewelry workshop or studio. The metal molds themselves are durable and are not subject to wear. During a year, a repair service, if necessary, — I, of course, take it upon myself.

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